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    Serious allegations make parents vulnerable to losing their child-focus, becoming more entrenched and possibly escalating their level of conflict. Understanding more about the evaluation process itself and what it can, and can’t, accomplish, from an experienced evaluator, can be helpful.  What are the circumstances that make settlement less helpful than seeking a neutral child custody evaluation? What are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a parent coordinator/special master? How do very young children cope with overnight stays with the other parent? What factors make relocation more difficult? If an evaluation has been completed, what might be the benefits of pursuing any of several different types of therapeutic interventions for your clients?  “Reunification therapy”, co-parenting counseling, or parent-child interaction therapy after a period of no contact all benefit from a specific structure, attendance and timing.  I can help you match your clients’ circumstances to the interventions most likely to be helpful, and help your clients become invested in this process. Testimonial or non-testimonial consultation is available regarding children’s best interests or the evaluation process itself regarding balance, neutrality, and whether the report’s results or data links clearly to the recommendations.


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