• Consulting Services for Parents

    Whether you are cooperatively planning for your children’s needs after separation, or you don’t speak to one another or are contemplating a court-ordered custody evaluation and fearful of losing access to your children, I understand the competing demands of addressing your own needs as well as those of your children, and the need for a confidential place for support. I’m able to guide you when the stakes are high: the long-term well-being of your children and your children’s future.  My background in child development, couple therapy, special needs children, parenting after infertility, and family court’s role in determining child custody uniquely equips me to strengthen your parenting decisions when circumstances are most challenging. I have the training and experience to know what works, and I can use it to help you feel less overwhelmed, to set priorities for you and your children, avoid pitfalls and develop a course of action to not just cope through these losses, but have more confidence as you move forward.


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