• Hi. Maybe I can help.

    I’m a psychologist devoted to kids’ well-being when their parents are in crisis, chronic conflict, or separating. For more than 30 years, I’ve worked closely with families when their stability was severely shaken. I have experience both inside and outside the court system, helping parents stand up for their kids even when they’re in high stress and may be blinded by conflicts with one another. Licensed in Oregon, California, and Hawaii, my practice focuses on parenting during times of crisis or after separation or divorce, decision-making during custody disputes and the process of custody- or parenting-time evaluations. I offer a hard to find combination of experience in both therapeutic and family law interventions for families. 

    My work today provides a bridge between traditional psychotherapy and utilizing an attorney. It’s an essential link when a parent is confronted with the need for concrete solutions while flooded with feelings: insight without an action plan, just like litigation without self-awareness, is not enough. 

    For parents, learning to “co-parent” in spite of feelings of hurt or anger, drafting post-separation parenting plans and anticipating kids’ vulnerabilities at different ages are areas where I offer practical, evidence-based knowledge to set families up for long-term success. 

    For therapists, when clients become locked in child custody conflicts and look to their therapist to take active roles in litigation, I help protect established therapeutic relationships while navigating through the ethical dilemmas these requests may pose. 

    My history as a trusted expert within family court also enables me to help attorneys assess their clients’ circumstances and analyze child custody evaluations to better prepare for trial.